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A peaceful oasis
surrounded by ever comfort
37 rooms: with romantic views over Venice’s lagoon. Surrounded by a luxuriant garden, yet close to the golden sand of Lido di Venezia’s beach.

What could be better for a perfect relaxing holiday? We like to think of you nice and relaxed as you walk in our hotel looking forward to your holiday.

This is why we have taken care of every detail: furnishings, services, the way we welcome you and make sure you have a pleasant stay, from the very first moment.

We have been doing this for a long time, it comes natural to us. As it comes natural to you to choose the right place for the perfect holiday.
Hotel Meridiana

The history of Hotel La Meridiana in Lido di Venezia

The history of Hotel La Meridiana is the history of our family and our passion for hospitality. It started in the 1930s, when our ancestor, Giuseppe Tramontin, owner of a hotel in Lido di Venezia, decided to hand over its management to his children Linda and Bruno.

The siblings entrusted architect Rosa with the design and the company owned by Italo, Linda’s husband, with the building work. The hotel’s name derives from the large sundial on its façade, fruit of Italo’s studies.

The sun clock immediately attracted interest and was appreciated from an artistic and practical point of view: at the time not many people had a watch, therefore it was useful.
Hotel Meridiana
Appreciated and immediately successful
Initially classified as an inn, Linda and Bruno’s Meridiana immediately made a name for itself among the main establishments in Lido di Venezia.

This was due to the high quality of the services offered and its strategic location: 37 rooms located near the beach; families from Padua and Milan spent up to two months in Lido di Venezia.

From generation to generation
Giuseppe hands the hotel over to his eldest daughter Linda. Linda’s husband, constructor Italo Regazzo, takes care of the building work.

Linda successfully manages the hotel for many years, until 1974. Following restoration works, in 1975, Linda hands over the management to her daughter-in-law, Maria Luisa Loffredo. Maria Luisa hands it over to her son Gianluca, who currently owns the hotel with his wife Stella.
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Hotel La Meridiana Lido Venezia
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